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The theory says you get multiple car insurance quotes and that automatically gives you access to cheap car insurance. But the trouble with theories is that they do not always work as you expect in the real world.

So what can go wrong?

Let's say for argument's sake there are fifty car insurance companies in your state and you get quotes from three of them. What are the odds you picked the three insurers offering the cheapest rates. Well never mind the math. The answer is obvious. If you pick three insurers at random, there's a very good chance you will not pick one of the three insurers offering the lowest premium rates.

What does this site do to help?


If everything is left to chance and the database is passive, you would have to get quotes from all fifty companies to guarantee finding the cheap car insurance. That would be quite a long process both to contact all fifty insurers and then to compare all their quotes. So this site is designed with filters to favor the companies known to have rates for drivers fitting your profile and living in your zip code.

Why do the quotes vary so much?

Different insurers have their own business models for calculating the risks. They also have different policies about which classes of driver they prefer to cover. This means encouraging the drivers they want with lower quotes and discouraging the others. This database positively selects the insurers offering the best rates for drivers with your profile. This takes away a lot of the stress when it comes to finding cheap car insurance.

This site is free to use

You can get as many quotes as you want, testing how changing one or more of the variables gives a different result, e.g. agreeing a higher deductible, buying several different types of policy from the same company, etc. It's so much easier to find cheap car insurance when you get your quotes here.

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