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Cheap Car Insurance - Most Popular TV Cars

Throughout the years of movies and television, it is not just the actors that have made it into our hearts but also a few "sweet rides" that have captivated their audiences. Most people have spent at least a few short moments wishing they could drive one of them or maybe wondering where they are now.

Herbie, the Love Bug

It is no surprise that Herbie would be among these most-remembered vehicles. Herbie was first seen in his own 1968 film, and also had his own television show in 1982 before gracing the big screen again in 1997. What made Herbie so cool?

• He had a mind of his own; any little car with a big personality is great

• He was a matchmaker

• He is an atypical race car that overcomes the odds. Everybody loves the underdog!

KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand) from Knight Rider

In a time when super computers were not so super, KITT was impressing people with a computer mind in a slick black 1982 Pontiac Trans AM, and the second KITT as a 2008-2009 Ford Shelby GT500KR. What made KITT so popular?

• KITT had his own voice

• He was technologically advanced, showing the possible future of artificial intelligence

• KITT was also classic crime fighter that often saved the day

The General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard

If you were a good old country boy in the 70s and you were not driving a pick-up truck you would likely be in muscle car. The Dukes of Hazzard sported the perfect Chrysler 2-door coupe. The television show took place in the 70s but a movie version hit the big screen in 2005. There's no denying the General Lee was a dream car:

• Classic stunts like jumping and riding sweetly through winding rough terrain (in real life, you could never get cheap car insurance driving like this)

• The fact that all people jumped into the car and never used doors

• It was brightly colored and numbered although its racing was always back-road style

• Was magically faster than all the cop cars that chased them

All of these beautiful cars will forever be remembered. With how often they seem to reappear, they may just pop up again in newer and newer sequels. The affection that people have for these "sweet rides" is what keeps them coming back to grace the silver screen. You may just see Herbie showing his big personality, KITT saving the day, or the General Lee cruising the back roads running moonshine in the future. But before you try to mimic the antics of these classics, make sure you have some great cheap car insurance to cover you for any damages.

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Cheap Car Insurance - Most Popular TV Cars

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