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What happens when?

There's one simple rule affecting all insurance policies. Although insurers can and do ask you general questions about who you are and what affects your insurance needs, not everything relevant to assessing the risk will be asked. The rule therefore requires you to tell the insurer whenever there's something the insurer ought to know. No matter whether this is in your favor, you must tell the insurer. Failure to do so gives the insurer the right to refuse you cover or to make any payment under the policy. So what happens when. . .

You are buying a vehicle?

There's never a problem if you are buying a standard make and model. But if you are proposing to modify or customize the vehicle in some way, you must tell the insurer. The more significant the changes you are proposing, the more carefully you must document the proposals and discuss them with the insurer before going ahead. That way you know how much more you will have to pay to get the cover you want.

You are getting married?

Congratulations! The statistics show married people tend to drive more safely than singles and unmarried partners. So when you know the date, notify your insurer(s). You may also want to consider insuring all your vehicles with one insurer or bundling together homeowners, health, and car insurance cover. The more business you give one insurer, the lower the rates you pay.

You are going to produce children?

Congratulations! The statistics show that married parents with children as passengers are the safest drivers on the road. As soon as each child appears, notify the insurer(s) and see cheap car insurance rates appear.

Your children are old enough to get a driver's license?

Adding your children to the family car insurance policy is always going to come as a financial shock. But you can get some relief if:

    » your children's average GPA is good;

    » you send them on the approved defensive driving courses; and

    » you only let them drive underpowered and safe makes and models.

Your children are going away to school?

Once one of the named drivers on your policy changes address, you must notify the insurer. The zip code of the new residence may have different rates. Better still, most insurers give discounts if your children are moving more than 100 miles from home to study.

You are proposing to move house?

Apart from California which forced insurers to place less weight on the zip code, all the insurers vary their rates based on your home address. This is particularly important when it comes to collision and comprehensive cover. So before you firm up on decisions where to buy, talk with the insurer to find out which zip code areas to avoid. Although buying a home in some areas may cost more, it may save you major dollars every year on your homeowners and car insurance rates. The longer you stay in the new home, the more money you may save on your annual premium rates.

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What happens when?