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Our mission

We are proud to be an independently owned company. Instead of operating as an agent, paid commission for selling one or two products from a limited range of insurers, we are free of all conflicts of interest. Here, you can guarantee to find completely unbiased advice with access to all the major insurers licensed to sell cover in your state.

To make this possible, we operate across state borders. Instead of limiting the service to just one or two states, we run a state-of-the-art search engine that finds the cheap car insurance you need from a local insurer.

What is our mission?

It's to provide:

    » targeted information about all the cheap car insurance options in your state; and

    » stress-free decision-making.

In other words, every time we interact with you, we want to provide the right information so you can find the right level of coverage at the right price with the least amount of effort. We want to measure our success by your satisfaction levels. If you find the cheap car insurance you need, we will feel we have met our mission targets. If we fail, we hope you will tell us. Only when we have feedback telling us how we can make your experience better can we improve.